The Universe is with us

Do you sleep well in the night? Or do you have dreams so vivid that they almost seem real? Do you get up in the middle of your sleep and stand in your window, soaking all the silence and cool-sweet breeze? Do you think about us? What does it make you feel? Does it break your heart or make you feel enchanted?
There there, it’s alright. Just breathe. Feel and leave it to the Universe. Someone up above, is going to give us exactly what we ask. Shhh.. I’m there to get you.

Forever (I mean it)

Someday we will hold each other’s hands fearlessly

And find ourselves surrounded by white cotton like clouds

With serenity and calmness washed over our entire being

I will close my eyes and smilingly run my fingers on your face,

Feeling each feature, every texture of your skin

And then our souls will merge into one another,

Illuminating the sky with soft soothing light.

It will fall on the tree that we planted together in your back-garden

And someday, somewhere, somehow

We will live forever (in a hug)