Not always in rainbows and butterflies

That you find love passing by

Sometimes it’s hidden in the dungeon below

Where chaos and nostalgia give you subtle blows

Where confusion emancipates

And clarity takes a bow.

Sometimes you find love in  old diaries

In those old forgotten greeting cards

In those pressed yellow flowers.

Sometimes you find them in photos hidden in  cardboard boxes

And in old facebook posts that you don’t want to share any longer

Sometimes, love whiffs by when you pass the restaurant you went on your first date

Sometimes, the old telephone reminds you of the conversations you had

You close your eyes and try to hear that voice. In vain.

Sometimes you find it when you rummage  through your closet

And pull out the blue dress

You trace your fingers on the brown stain

And fondly remember how you dropped some chocolate pastry on it

And how those tissue paper clad hands carefully wiped off the cream.

Sometimes, you find love on a particular spot on the building terrace

From where you stalked his house.

Sometimes, love slips through the letter flap

Enclosed in a white envelope.

Sometimes, it plays in your music system

In the form of a voice note.

Not always in flowers and butterflies

That you find love

Sometimes, you stumble upon it

While looking for old emails

And sometimes it pops up in your message inbox

When you are least expecting it.

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