I rest my elbows on the aluminum bars of the sliding window and lean out of the frame to face the street below. I hear the sparrows chirping. I see hues of beautiful green leaves swaying obliviously. As the soft sunlight touches my face and as the cool breeze capers with my hair, all I feel is freedom. I close my eyes and think what would it feel like to fly in the sky in the truest sense. I imagine myself like that sometimes, flying above the earth in my favorite orange dress, cutting through the air like an eagle and my hair unbound, fluttering graciously in the limitless sky. My heart glows at the very thought of it. My mother says I am mad to think of it literally. But I feel that we can always have the liberty as humans to dream, sometimes, without thinking of sane boundaries drawn across our imagination and jump beyond notions of a structured life and the vicious circle it loops us into. It’s a beautiful way to refresh our mind and let a bit of fantasy rule our lives, even for a little while, and let magic sprinkle around and make us  grow out of our own self.


17 thoughts on “My window and the thoughts that float in my mind

  1. Nice blog. And, I am glad you call yourself a ‘Bombay’ girl… In all the years (and now) that I lived in Bombay, I could never get myself to call it Mumbai…


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  3. You have a really nice dream and it will definitely be a reality in the future. Till then you can fly in a jet or your dream. Once in a lifetime every one wants to imitate the bird and touch the skies. Good luck for your next post as your latest article is a month old.


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