Grey clouds


The sky was quite

and the grey clouds hung low,

the air was heavy and brought along a pungent smell.

That’s when she woke up with a jolt

She felt bile rise in her stomach,

and her chest felt so empty that she placed her palm there, to give herself an assurance of some sort.

A knot of emotions stuck in her throat,

tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks.

She wanted to let out a cry, but she couldn’t.

Her heart thumped against the rib cage

It was hard to believe that it was a dream, it had felt so real

If there was anything of the nightmarish Narak that the Puraan spoke of then he should have been there…



We are not perfect.

We are flawed. And that too beautifully.

The perception of the people shapes our personality in their mind

And people can be wrong.

No one knows us better than we know ourselves.

We should not wait for someone to validate our existence.

We are enough. We are so enough in our self.

We need to believe.

And everything will fall into place.

You and I deserve to be, what we want to be. We have it all.

We can be everything. We are everything.

So put on your happy soul out there in the wild

and use every bit of talent that you have

to make this life what it deserves to be.