There among thousands of books

She sat across the table with a somber look

Her eyes were filled with tears

I felt like going near

And holding that pretty face against my chest

And close her heart which was a gaping cleft

I wanted to whisper in her ears some words of cheer

So that she would smile and make her mind clear

Of all the hate and discouragement that resided in

So she could pick up those  pieces and throw them in the bin.

She wiped a tear from the corner of her right eye

And I so wished at that moment to be with her and never say goodbye

But I was such a moron

Never really told her to hold on

I always doubted my ability to love her completely

And I lost her because I behaved naively

There she was leaving the Library with a diary in her hands

Only If I could take her in my arms and adjust her flowy hair strands

I was not at all able watch her go

And then I acted in sync with my heart and went with the flow

I ran towards her and caught her arm

Her eyes danced with sadness but had the same old charm

And as I gathered all the courage to hold her hand

I wished her to understand

That my  love for her was pure

And I was so sure

That I would love her until someone shot the sun down

And at last, I saw her walking the aisle in a beautiful white gown.