She made her way to the sea front.Her hair flowing with the wind, her face so calm, unlike her mind.It was a pleasant day with a blue sky and cotton-like clouds hung above.

The smell of the sea with a waft of lily and the feel of the waves beneath her feet set her unrested mind to some peace.

The sea was her place. It understood her in a way nobody did. She found the sea enigmatic and it drew her. They had things in common after all. They both were paragons of emptiness dipped in songs of the past.

They loved having themselves as their company. Nobody would ever know how deep they were or what they hid beneath the trenches of their hearts.

They both wore faces of calmness and held themselves together.

They could be rough beyond imagination.

They had great powers within them. Powers that lay unused.

And one day, they would unleash their strengths and the world will stare in awe.




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