You know I had this dream last night,

Where it was you and me

I had never met you in reality

because you were just a dream

growing in my head and flourishing in my heart.

And I fell in love with you

Not the kind that they show in movies

But the kind that happens to you when you are 16 and stupid.

But it was all a dream

And reality played the game of blindfold with me.

You never existed

Just like the blue roses in the Kashmir Valley

That people thought about and wished they were for real.

The curtain of this expectation rose,

Not to the claps and cheers of my heart

But with the tearing and jeering of my soul instead.

And I lay there in my old torn crimson gown

Still waiting and hoping

For dawn to pour a bowl of sunshine on me

And I waited and waited a little more….


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