Why does the past comfort us with its warm feather like cloak? Sometimes, even looking at old photographs reduces tension in my shoulder muscles and I find myself swimming in memories. They play in my head like glimpses on a film reel with a faded filter. They sooth my mind, make me feel familiar, nostalgic and even seem mysterious to me.

Where do the moments, dates and years that we live actually go? I feel, we pass through them like we pass through water.  The time still remains there, the words we say still hang in the air , the laughter and sobs still echo somewhere in the Universe, only to be lived again in the form of memories.

The Universe is with us

Do you sleep well in the night? Or do you have dreams so vivid that they almost seem real? Do you get up in the middle of your sleep and stand in your window, soaking all the silence and cool-sweet breeze? Do you think about us? What does it make you feel? Does it break your heart or make you feel enchanted?
There there, it’s alright. Just breathe. Feel and leave it to the Universe. Someone up above, is going to give us exactly what we ask. Shhh.. I’m there to get you.

Forever (I mean it)

Someday we will hold each other’s hands fearlessly

And find ourselves surrounded by white cotton like clouds

With serenity and calmness washed over our entire being

I will close my eyes and smilingly run my fingers on your face,

Feeling each feature, every texture of your skin

And then our souls will merge into one another,

Illuminating the sky with soft soothing light.

It will fall on the tree that we planted together in your back-garden

And someday, somewhere, somehow

We will live forever (in a hug)

Illuminated rain drops

I want to gather all those moments in the palm of my hands,

when your face lit up at the mention of beautiful things you liked,

and bottle them in a glass jar right besides my table lamp.

And I am sure it will glow in the night, like illuminated rain drops.

I will hold it in the night time when I cannot sleep.

And place it near my cheek, smiling and absorbing the warmth oozing through it.

And I promise I will think about you in the happiest way…till the time I can just roll over the other side of the bed and find you sleeping next to me.

And I know, I will

I want to knit cardigans to keep you warm

I want to pluck strawberries and plums from the back garden

and stir them in a pan to make bottles of jam

I want to polish tables and play the piano

I want to scrub the stone steps that lead to our house

I want to feel the wooden floor with my bare feet

and decorate the fireplace with black and white photos

I want to grow vegetables in the kitchen garden

And make tomato soup and roasted apples for supper

I want to sit by the fireplace

Sipping rosy wine in tall glasses with you

And laugh and talk as old people do

Remembering days of our own wild youth.



Storm and hail

No finery in the world can appease me
No gold can hold my attention
No wealth can seduce me
I work against any pretension.
It is you who gets my heart
In the world filled with people falling apart
I will trade my comfort for your company,
altering my own destiny.

I want to kiss you under the night sky
hold your hand and never say goodbye
Till we grow toothless and frail
Standing strong through storm and hail

Just another evening

I was sitting in the balcony today evening. The sky was deep orange in color and everything looked as if I was seeing through an orange gelatin paper. Do you know that there are a lot of Gulmohar and Amaltash trees around? They were in full bloom today. It all looked so beautiful.

I missed you when I was looking at all this…

Not always in rainbows and butterflies

Not always in rainbows and butterflies

That you find love passing by

Sometimes it’s hidden in the dungeon below

Where chaos and nostalgia give you subtle blows

Where confusion emancipates

And clarity takes a bow.

Sometimes you find love in  old diaries

In those old forgotten greeting cards

In those pressed yellow flowers.

Sometimes you find them in photos hidden in  cardboard boxes

And in old facebook posts that you don’t want to share any longer

Sometimes, love whiffs by when you pass the restaurant you went on your first date

Sometimes, the old telephone reminds you of the conversations you had

You close your eyes and try to hear that voice. In vain.

Sometimes you find it when you rummage  through your closet

And pull out the blue dress

You trace your fingers on the brown stain

And fondly remember how you dropped some chocolate pastry on it

And how those tissue paper clad hands carefully wiped off the cream.

Sometimes, you find love on a particular spot on the building terrace

From where you stalked his house.

Sometimes, love slips through the letter flap

Enclosed in a white envelope.

Sometimes, it plays in your music system

In the form of a voice note.

Not always in flowers and butterflies

That you find love

Sometimes, you stumble upon it

While looking for old emails

And sometimes it pops up in your message inbox

When you are least expecting it.


You and I went to the river bank with our feet covered in earth

And as we sat beside the flowing water

And listened patiently to what the Gods of wind had to whisper,

The leaves rustled and brought along the song of silence.

And at that moment I knew that all I would ask for is you.

I want the stillness of your mind,

The calmness of your heart

And the thoughtfulness of your soul.

The more I think about you

The more I want to become like you.

Open the gates for my soul O Love

I am waiting, dreaming and hoping

That you will rescue me someday

And let me be your Shivardhangini



All I want

You know this is all I want

I want to bathe in the brown of your eyes
I want to be in your arms for a very long time.

We will pick up all the old pieces that still thrive on nostalgia and memories

We will seal them together in our embrace

And bring along peace and end all menace.

O Dear Love, let us take this chance

And hold each other in a dance

Because I do not know what tomorrow will bring

And that is why I want my heart to sing

This song of love so that I can breathe you in.
So cradle my Soul-O being
Let the scent of your existence soak in me
And we will become one
In the world full of dreams.